Residential Title 24 Compliance

Lori Binder, CEA, CEPE, CABEC Member in good standing since 2002

Compliance Through the Performance Approach

For a summary of the 2008 California Energy Code, please download our prepared summary.  Feel free to call with any questions.

2008 Title 24 Energy Standards.pdf

You can also download our current checklist for a list of information required to provide Energy Compliance Documentation for the Performance Approach.

Southland t24 Checklist.pdf



In addition to providing a sheet size you specify, in any format you request (ie. .pdf, .plt, .dwg or hard copy) we will also offer viable solutions to energy dilemmas while maintaining your Architectural design integrity and providing cost conscious solutions.  We will also provide responses to building department corrections or clarifications in a timely manner.  We have always done our best to meet our clients timing needs and will continue to do so.

You may find the following websites helpful:
Here you can download the 2008 Energy Standards or the 2008 Reference Appendices which contain the CF-1R and CF-6R forms, among others.
California Association of Building Energy Consultants
Prior to specifying your fenestration products it would be to your benefit to visit the National Fenestration Rating Council’s website to see if the manufacturer has a certified u-factor and SHGC.
Depending on climate zone, roof slope, preferred material and Title 24 analysis approach, you may be required to meet specific solar reflectance and thermal emittance values.  If this is the case, you can see if your desired product meets the cool roof requirements.
For those interested in rigid insulation required to meet the R-19 Mandatory Minimum requirements in 2x6 framing you may wish to look into RMAX rigid insulation.


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